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ProjectMatrix will be hosting ProjectSpec training in a 5 part webinar series.  If you are a brand new user you are invited to attend all five sessions.  If you would like a refresher course or would like to pick up some tips and tricks, feel free to sign up for the one that suits your needs.  Each webinar will be posted to our YouTube channel following the end of the webinar until the next series is hosted live.  These will be non-manufacturer specific.  These will be hands-on so you will receive a packet of files along with a handout to follow along.  Each session will be hosted by a presenter and a moderator to handle questions through a chat window live.  Sign up on the right-hand side for your sessions.  Please note, if you want to participate in two or more, you will need to register for each!


DAY 1  (Introduction & Creating a Record)  LAST SESSION February 13th, 2017
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  • Opening the Program
    • Start Menu
    • Desktop Icon
    • Launching from an existing SIF File
  • Overview of Interface
    • File Name
    • Menus
    • Toolbars
    • Title
    • Status Bar
    • Records
  • Screens (F12)
    • Classic
    • Standard Spreadsheet
    • Vertical View Spreadsheet
    • Hybrid View
    • Customizing Each
  • Create a record (F2)
    • Catalog Manager
    • Browse for Part
    • Enter Part Number
    • Use a WildCard
    • Direct to a Catalog
    • Enter a “FREE FORM” part
    • Make Custom

DAY 2 (All about Options)   LAST SESSION February 14th, 2017
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  • Opening a SIF
  • Optioning a Part
    • Add Options to an existing Part
    • Change a single option on an existing Part
    • Change a Options on an existing Part
    • Use AutoOption
    • Set Up Standard Options
    • Using Standard Options
    • Option ALL
    • COM
    • Copy Options
    • Removing Options
    • Find/Replace Options

DAY 3 (Pricing & Discounting)   LAST SESSION February 15th, 2017
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  • Pricing
    • from Catalog
    • Price Line
    • Price from File
  • Discounting
    • Table
    • Specific
      • AutoDiscounts
      • Adjust List Price
      • Lock/Unlock Prices
      • Sub-Totals

DAY 4 (Miscellaneous Tools)   LAST SESSION February 16th, 2017
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  • Find/Replace
  • MFG Codes
  • Option Codes
  • Tags
    • Field Repeat
    • Cut/Copy/Paste Records
    • Move/Copy Columns
    • Merge
    • Expand Merge
    • Option Notes
    • Printing

DAY 5 (Print Template Editing)   LAST SESSION February 17th, 2017
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  • Learning Terminology
  • Creating a Header
    • Company Logos
    • Sold To / Ship To Information
    • General fields like time/date
  • Sections of a report
    • Header
    • Page Header
    • Detail
    • Page Footer
    • Footer
  • Adding/Removing Fields
  • Grouping and Subtotaling
  • Best Practices for distributing to multiple users

Hosted by: Rob Detrick - Trainer / Customer Service


Rob is the Offical ProjectMatrix Trainer and Project Manager for various products. He joined ProjectMatrix in August of 2005 after working hospitality for The Walt Disney Company and a local boutique hotel. Rob has an educational background in AutoCAD, Architecture, and Hospitality Management.

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